Beautiful and Strong-Angie’s Cancer Battle
July 15, 2019

Southern Oncology Hematology Associates was established in the year 1976 with a plan to provide multi-disciplinary treatment for all forms of cancer. Not only have we achieved that but we have also succeeded in creating a community center that has been providing compassionate and experienced care to its patients. We have a team of board-certified physicians, oncology certified nurses, registered nurses and a highly passionate support staff.
In the last 43 years, we have been actively providing latest treatment to the patients. We are also very supportive of clinical trials and bring them to our patients from time to time, so that they get access to latest therapies in cancer treatment. Our collective knowledge and experience help us to provide you with cutting edge treatments, closer to your home. From day one, we have worked with the motto ‘your fight, is our fight’. So, you can leave all your worries to us and focus on your getting better.

Our Mission
At Southern Oncology Hematology Associates, our mission is to provide cancer treatment with compassion and sensitivity to individual needs. We aim to offer state-of-the-art care to our patients closer to their home and make the intense treatment phase somewhat bearable.
We want to use the best of our abilities to help our patients beat cancer and we hope to do the best to ensure that cancer treatment does not become a financial burden on an individual or a family.

How We Work?
At Southern Oncology Hematology Associates, we believe that for a patient to get better fast, he/she needs to be surrounded by comfort, care and loved ones. This is the reason we have created a very modern yet comfortable ambiance at the center. We have complemented our facilities and equipment with a support staff that has been handpicked for their personal strengths like kindness and compassion. We also offer treatments at other hospitals and care centers and even travel to veteran homes to treat our veterans.
We have an OSHA and CLIA certified lab along with spacious chemotherapy and infusion suites. These suits have a television, relaxation tapes and music, educational videos and light reading material. We let family members stay in these suites with the patient and offer them all the support they need.

Why Community Oncology Cancer Centers?
• One of the biggest reasons why patients should choose community oncology cancer centers is because they offer cheaper treatment than most hospitals. At community cancer centers, treatment never becomes a burden on the individuals or insurance companies and therefore patients and their families can stop worrying about money and focus on the treatment.
• The second major reason why community oncology cancer centers are better is because here a patient receives personal attention and the treatment plan is designed according to a patient’s individual needs. The general ambiance of community centers is relaxed and families and loved ones are welcome to cheer the patient as they move ahead in their fight.

Southern Oncology Hematology Associates has created a family of doctors and health care professionals who are competent, experienced and highly skilled in cancer treatment. With this team, in the last 4 decades we have managed to create a cancer treatment center, where we efficiently treat all forms of cancers and blood disorders.
We have managed to give back the blessing of a disease-free life to thousands of our patients and we are glad and proud to say that we will continue to learn new therapies and treatments and will do the best to ensure that our patients can beat this disease. We always say ‘We are with you in your battle’ and we will continue to do so.

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