Kush Sachdeva, M.D. SOHA

Kush Sachdeva, M.D.

  • Dr. Kush Sachdeva is the Managing Partner in Southern Oncology Hematology Association.
  • He achieved his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, (MD) through Medical College, Jabalpur University, MP, India.
  • Having worked as Medical Officer of the Day (MOD)at VA Medical Center, Lebanon PA he joined Southern Oncology Hematology Association in 2001.
  • He is also the VP of Executive Vice President of Indian-American Cancer Association.
  • He is an enthusiastic member of Inspira Health Network, Research Director Inspira Health Network.
  • He chairs the National Accreditation  and Program for Breast Centers Committee.
  • Dr. Kush has been recognized with the “Best House Staff Award” for Excellence in Clinical Research.
  • He also has a decorated record in National Level Publications and Poetry writing.
  • Just like his medical excellence, he has won the Best Photographer Award in Medical school.
  • Representing the Medical school at National level in Poetry Photography, Drama, and other events, he truly has evolved as an all-rounder.
  • Currently pursuing his research in Clinical Research with Industry and NCI NCTN groups, he always strives for better facilities for his patients.