With the changing landscape of oncology treatments, oral medications are now being used more and more.

SOHA Physician Dispensing offers Convenient, Personalized, and Cost Effective solutions to our patients for their oral medication needs. We carry most of the oral medications used in treatment of cancer patients.

Our pharmacy technicians have access to patients’ medical records and their physicians which helps them to offer our patients faster, convenient service.

You won’t need to make an extra trip to the pharmacy and can receive your medications right here in our office saving your precious time and money.

Our physician can monitor you closely to ensure compliance in taking medications, ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our pharmacy technicians are well trained to help you with finding free drugs or financial assistance for you when available in case you have higher co pays.

Let Us Fill Your Prescriptions Faster and Easier.

Each patient has an option to choose wherever his or her prescription will be filled. They are not required to receive prescription medications through Southern Oncology Hematology Associates ( SOHA ). Physician Dispensing is an added convenience for our patients.

Prescription Refills: (Weekdays only) 856-696-0551
Fax: 856-839-2415
Mail us at: dispensing@southernoncology.net

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