Relay for Life – A “RUN” Against Cancer
June 19, 2019
Southern Oncology Hematology Associates – An Enriching Legacy of Four Decades
July 19, 2019

Once known as the most influential and beautiful woman in the world, America’s sweetheart; Angelina Jolie has definitely captured a special place with almost every person across the seven oceans!

Little did the world know that she was silently fighting a battle with her own body! Her cancer fight began with her mother being tested positive for ovarian and breast cancer. Even her grandmother and aunt were affected by breast cancer. This meant that there was a tendency for Angie having the BRCA1 gene. It is a form of genetic mutation which results in contracting the cancer in future.

The New York Times featured and op-ed by Angie on her decision of having both her breasts removed by undergoing a double mastectomy. By going public about it, she sparked a nation-wide movement where women came in to get themselves checked. It was an awareness revolution created by a single decision, also called the “Angelina Jolie Effect”
Going a step ahead, she also had announced in 2015 that she will undergo surgery to have the ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer!

Her boldness to come ahead and open up in public about this devastating disease gave many women the strength to stand-up and put up a valiant fight against cancer.

She has always been looked up to by many women across the world as one of the strongest there is! Being a celebrity of her stature, it was never easy for her to break the stereotypical approach that Hollywood had. She was stormed daily by the press, fans and critiques equally. Standing up from it all she rose like a phoenix from the ashes and now is awaiting the release for her second Disney film “Maleficent 2” set to be released on October 18th
This very tough but inspirational fight that Angie gave is one to be remembered by all!
“Every day we choose who we are, by how we define ourselves”-Angelina Jolie

*Disclaimer- Angelina Jolie is the inspiration for Us. However, she is not being treated with Southern Oncology Hematology Associates (SOHA) or South Jersey Cancer Center (SJCC)

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